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About Us

Make Learning Come Alive

DDA CMT makes learning come alive. Corporate and medical training platforms from DDA CMT engage trainees with captivating interactive multimedia experiences that make even the most technical learning materials memorable. Targeting multiple learning styles simultaneously is made possible through DDA CMT’s unique combination of aesthetic excellence and technical prowess. Advance your corporate and organizational competency to the next tier with comprehensive eLearning platforms that command attention and advance comprehension at every level.


From video and animation to graphic design, website development, and intensive interactivity programming, DDA CMT enacts the concepts that tie the creative to the technical, producing corporate and medical training that advances understanding among all kinds of audiences in deep and lasting ways. The intricacy with which form and function are seamlessly interwoven ensures impactful experiences that translate to exceptional comprehension and retention every time.


Use 2D and 3D animation to break down complex and detailed structures and processes into simple core components, taking the viewer step by step towards a comprehensive understanding of all the relevant issues. Demonstrate policies and procedures in real time with high definition 4K live-action video to capture expertise in action. Make it all come alive with rewarding interactions that personalize the user experience and inspire deep engagement.


Make your information memorable and flatten the learning curve for students, trainees, and clinicians.