Fear is not an Option

Last night I watched TED talks, not knowing who would be featured. I was excited when the first presentation was given by James Cameron. I’ve always loved James Cameron’s work and his research expeditions into the depths of the seas and oceans and how he brings his interest in science to his movies. In the talk he concluded by referencing NASA’s quote, “Failure is not an option.” which rang very true concerning the situations that were faced with Appollo 13. But Cameron gave it a different meaning by saying, “Failure is an option, fear is not.” coining the phrase of learning from your mistakes. He also talked about teamwork and the bonds created by those involved in his projects.

One thing I have learned by working at DDA over the years, is to embark into the unknown and realize hurdles will be encountered but not to have any reservations or restrictions about trying something new. By doing this, one becomes very resourceful and knowledgeable in many areas and better prepared for the next challenge at hand.

So do you have a challenging or new concept you want to come to fruition? At DDA, we’re familiar with many marketing, eLearning, animation, programming and many other digital formats and we’re not afraid to take the big step into the unfamiliar.