Something To Be Proud Of

Music is a huge part of my life. I’ve played drums and percussion since elementary school but also have been known to tinker with guitar, bass, and various other instruments over the years. In my spare time, not only do I sit down and refine my percussion techniques and drum set “licks” but I also enjoy making lots of audio recordings. When I’m feeling creative, I go down into my basement where I can toy with my 16 track digital home recording studio. Over the years, I’ve collected many different digital and analog recorders, mixers, effect pedals, and microphones to allow me to achieve the best possible sound for such a little space. I even had custom acoustic sound panels made to make the room more suitable for recording. Expensive hobby, yeah I know.

Needless to say, this hobby keeps me pretty busy when I’m away from DDA. In fact, I just finished recording my buddy’s band’s six song EP not too long ago. During the production process, I was constantly asking the band for feedback to get a feel for what kind of sound they wanted on their album. We tried many different microphone placement positions, different drum head and guitar string selections, and effect filters to get that ‘perfect’ sound. I wanted them to be happy with their creation so we were never afraid to try something new. After sending the finished product out to be professionally mastered, the band knew they had quality product to be proud of!

It’s a lot like working on video projects here at DDA. I’m usually involved in most, if not all stages of production, from production, gathering source material, transferring/capturing raw footage and audio to editing rough cuts, adding text or special effects, and rendering the final cut. As I go through this process, I’m constantly getting feedback from my other trustworthy DDA staff members in the video department. Plus, we are always trying new things to get the best possible look (and sound) out of our projects!

As we head into the new year, we are all very excited to see what new work we can cook up. Whether it’s a corporate video presentation, a new product launch promotional video, a medical sales service video, or even a healthcare IT flash website, we can do it all. Contact DDA Medical today and allow us to create something that everyone will be proud of!