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2012: DDA Wins Tabby Award for its Mobile Version of the XperGuide eLearning Tool
Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) received the Tabby Award for the Best Healthcare App of 2012 for its mobile version of the XperGuide eLearning tool. The app was judged by an international panel of tablet experts on overall concept, speed, navigation, design, innovation, function, ease, performance, and end value for the user. DDA’s XperGuide iPad® app included a rich virtual environment that had the look and feel of a lab and an operating room. Custom virtual medical simulation (VMS) allowed users to interact with the virtual equipment while effectively learning how to use it. Healthcare professionals can now learn how to operate the equipment from anywhere using this mobile digital training platform, adding value for the user. Healthcare professionals were not the only ones to benefit from the app. Philips was able to track how the tool was being used and measure its success in helping healthcare professionals understand the equipment, thanks to a custom administrative area that DDA programmers added to the tool. The XperGuide VMS eLearning tool was well received by all, and Philips awarded the app a Best in Class for iPad Apps in 2012.

2012: DDA Deploys Gamification Tactics to Boost eLearning Participation
To encourage and fuel participation, DDA injected gamification tactics into the eLearning platform it developed for advanced wound care product manufacturer, Kinetic Concepts, Inc. As users completed the testing portion of each module, their scores were dynamically tabulated and posted to a leader board. Those who completed all modules within a specific time frame were rewarded with additional bonus points. This gamification tactic introduced a healthy dose of competition into an otherwise routine learning experience. Not only were individual participants encouraged to complete their learning modules in a timely fashion, the competition and live leader board spurred group collaboration as prizes were awarded to the top performing district as well as overall top performing individual.

2012: DDA Plays Pivotal Role in the Design and Development of an eLearning Powerhouse
In 2012, DDA helped Open Future Learning launch an eLearning destination for organizations in search of inspirational training materials for the disability workforce. The site is a true eLearning powerhouse. Through one platform, a service is advertised, enrollment is managed, and training executed. DDA was involved in nearly every aspect of production, from the site’s eye-catching design to the platform’s complex functionality. Features include engaging modules chock full of interactive features. Far more than a traditional slide-based eLearning presentation, Open Future Learning modules present information in a novel way using interactive graphics, voiceover narration, video, clever note taking tools, and quizzes. Behind the scenes is a robust administrative area in which management can monitor and track the performance of their associates. Access to the eLearning platform is granted on a subscription basis. The master administrator has the ability to set monthly allowances and monitor overall use thanks to a comprehensive suite of reporting capabilities.

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