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Welcome to DDA Medical, a destination where you can find all the information you need to bring the world of medicine together. To view information on DDA Medical’s extensive range of services or to view samples of the many projects DDA has delivered to medical industry clients through the years, choose among the five subject headings on the left. Each subject is a link that will let you learn more about what DDA Medical has to offer. Each link contains subsequent links that take you further into the world of medical marketing and education, which encompasses the design and development of advanced software to support the medical industry. Examples of this advanced software include mobile and online applications, eLearning platforms, virtual medical simulations, and a wide variety of healthcare IT applications, just to name a few. We are sure you will find DDA Medical to be the perfect resource for any medical marketing, design, and digital and interactive technology needs you may have, whether large or small. DDA Medical – bringing the world of medicine together since 1994.


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