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About Us

Form and Function Make Their Match at DDA Medical.

DDA Medical opens avenues to opportunity. Lying at the intersection of the objective and artistic, DDA Medical produces innovative digital and interactive media that accomplish a wide range of goals: from attracting new audiences and interacting with current and future thought leaders, to training and educating healthcare professionals, and organizing, managing, and analyzing complex medical information. From printed marketing materials, responsive SEO websites, videos, and animations, to mobile medical applications, eLearning and Continuing Medical Education (CME) platforms, virtual medical simulations, and a variety of medical information management platforms, DDA Medical makes medical organizations known and understood, while also empowering them with the tools to advance their goals with greater efficiency and effectiveness than ever before.


DDA Medical's creative proficiencies neatly coincide with its technical capabilities. Responsive websites demonstrate value beyond internet marketing, serving as online eLearning and CME platforms with integrated eCommerce functionality that can be used to educate medical professionals throughout their careers. Medical videos and animations are developed with the latest studio technologies to produce compelling portrayals of complex topics in ways that lead to deep and lasting comprehension. Richly interactive multimedia applications and programs are designed and developed to provide exceptional medical educational experiences that expand end-users' understanding from start to finish, and can be used to capture clinical data for future medical research.


Engage and achieve all at once with the exceptional and unique combination of aesthetic and operational capabilities of a pioneer in digital and interactive media in the medical world, DDA Medical.