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DDA Medical Video Production Services for Healthcare Professionals

DDA VideoDDA Medical offers full medical video production services to healthcare companies and professionals. Videos can be used for presentations to potential patients, corporate boards, or investors as well as for training staff or allowing colleagues to observe a procedure. Our staff takes your initial concept from storyboard to scripting, editing, final production, and packaging.

DDA Medical Video Production Services Provide Higher Qualities at Better Costs
At DDA Medical, we first invested in digital video lighting, cameras, and editing equipment in 1998 to use digital technology to record high-quality videos. Healthcare professionals who rely on DDA for health care and medical videos have access to years of experience in medical video production.

Whether our crew records in-house or on-location, the DDA Medical staff controls the entire medical video process. The in-house control allows us to accelerate production and ultimately provide the highest quality final video. Additionally, if you have older medical training videos, DDA Medical can convert them to CD-ROM or DVD format to allow your employees to utilize the latest technology and keep your medical marketing tools up-to-date.

Medical Training and Education Video Production gives your audience a visual and audial contact point. Whether broadcasting a medical procedure such as surgery or diagnostic testing, or recording a lecture, educational video allows visual learners to acquire new skills and perspectives. Medical videos can be shot with live people or animated figures generated through DDA Medical’s 3D computer technology. DDA Medical videographers can also incorporate multimedia graphics and text as visual learning aids.

Medical Video Production allows you to show new employees at a medical facility how to operate certain pieces of equipment or how to follow a certain procedure. These types of training videos also can serve as valuable refresher information and can be kept on-hand for instant employee access.

Medical Conference and Event Video Production allows you to present conferences and other events either in full form or edited through DDA Medical’s in-house recording and editing services. Whether you want to showcase the highlights for your staff or present the entire video for health care colleagues who were not able to attend, DDA Medical will go on-location to film conferences, speeches, presentations, and other proceedings.

Corporate Video Production for Healthcare Professionals conveys messages, both scientific and corporate, to your intended audience. You may want DDA Medical to create a video tour of your facility or share important medical information with investors, regulatory committees, or colleagues with whom you are conducting clinical trials. At DDA Medical, we create a clean and professional corporate image that communicates the information as well as the right impression to your intended audience.

Promotional Health Care Video Production is used for healthcare professionals who have developed a new type of treatment whether for debilitating disease or in assisted living, palliative care, nutrition, etc. Promotional health care videos target a specific audience, either professional or layperson, and shares with them the benefits, purposes, and functions as well as the possible risks and side effects. DDA Medical videographers allow you to effectively promote the benefits of a new treatments that could vastly improve the quality of life for many patients.

Founded by Dynamic Digital Advertising, which was established in 1994 as a pioneer of the digital marketing age, DDA Medical provides clients with the promotional tools that attract attention and teach valuable information to colleagues, patients, and more. DDA Medical is based in the greater Philadelphia area in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and serves regional clients in Maryland, New York, Delaware, New Jersey, and Washington D.C. as well as clients across the United States.


Trade Show Video for Oncura. Click here to take watch.

Trade Show Video for Oncura.
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Oncura AUA 2005 Video. Click here to watch.

Oncura AUA 2005 Video.
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“Healthcare professionals who rely on DDA for health care and medical videos have access to years of experience in video production.”


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