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Dynamic Digital Advertising's "totally digital concept" has helped make DDA the pioneer and leader in digital advertising in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. From digital photography and digital video to website and print design, DDA offers one-stop digital shopping. DDA can create a marketing plan for your company, which includes print, internet, CD-ROM, and video for your business. DDA can help your company create a fully integrated corporate identity on and offline.

The micro surgeons of Academic Urology and Urogynecology of Arizona specialize in vasectomy reversal.

DDA SEM has been named one of the Top Ten Most Dependable Search Engine Marketing Firms in the U.S. by Goldline Research. We provide natural (or organic) search engine optimization for clients enrolled in our SureThing Search Engine Optimization Program. Our affordable website optimization program has proven its effectiveness by increasing website traffic as well as rankings in the search engines. Along with providing multimedia search engine optimization solutions such as google video adwords, DDA can provide your company with contextual ads, banner ads, reputation monitoring and repair as well as pay-per-click programs. We are up to speed with social media optimization strategies and are able to use social media and web 2.0 as marketing and advertising tools. Viral marketing and email marketing campaigns are also available for development at DDA. When choosing your SEM firm, demand proof of their abilities and results; when choosing DDA there is no doubt that you will be satisfied with our track record.

Corporate training and medical technology-based training methods are becoming increasing important in today’s businesses. The development of corporate and medical training tools from CME’s to clinical trials to HR-based role playing, includes several steps. From content development and concept development to the video integration, audio and narration, DDA is capable of programming efficient elearning tool designs for your business or medical project. Training validation, certification and accreditation are also an important part of the training tool development process.

For corporate and medical training deployment methods, DDA can provide live virtual training, web-based training, training validation, certification and accreditation. A few innovative ways for elearning include employee training on personal digital assistants, ipods, cd-roms and dvds. With DDA’s elearning management services, managing your corporate and medical training program is simple. Our management services include: managing surveys for automatic email distribution, administrative control, updating tools as regulatory guidelines change, expanding or evolving tools over time, training validation, certification and accreditation.

DDA provides customized online applications, on time and on budget. We can create custom designed widgets for your company that can be utilized for social networking, informational, retail or business-to-business applications. Custom intranets are a useful tool when creating a central hub for your business. DDA can handle your company’s intranet design, programming, scalability, installation and hosting. Customer relationship management software solutions can be created to fit your needs. DDA’s CRM software design, programming, scalability, installation and hosting will be the perfect solution for your business or medical organization, be it large or small. We can create custom web applications for Powerpoint Presentations as well. With this you are able to archive all presentations and materials in a single location making it easier to organize and search though your company’s Powerpoint Presentations, reorganize them and recreate a fully functional Powerpoint Presentation, all though your browser. If you can dream it, DDA Apps can build it.

DDA's website design and development, includes hosting, search engine optimization, virtual reality, streaming video, and e-commerce solutions. E-commerce can take many forms, from a request for quotation to dynamically generated shopping, payment, and fulfillment systems. DDA offers flash and virtual reality technologies that includes online virtual trade shows. We also design social networking websites and web 2.0 community websites. At users are able to place bets on people's goals and problems, celebrities' lives, politics, sports, predictions, surveys, polls and more!

Flash animation offers interactivity without download penalty. Sound, animation, and embedded video that can be read most browsers (92%). The flash plug-in is the most ubiquitous plug-in on the Interent with over a million downloads daily. DDA can create an entire website in Flash, embed it in an HTML site or as an opening sequence. Virtual reality can be used to rotate a product 360° or tour a house or plant. Someday, virtual reality utilized to showcase or demonstrate a product or tour a facility will be a virtual necessity.

Shooting both traditional and digital photography, Dynamic Digital Advertising was the first digital photography studio in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area. High resolution, first generation images are faster to capture and eliminate the expense of film developing and scanning. DDA is one of the most experienced digital studios in the nation. Digital photography is about half the cost of traditional photography, with the result being equal or better quality. Another reason why DDA's slogan is Proof that higher quality can be less expensive™.

With an in-house digital video studio Dynamic Digital Advertising is ready, willing, and able to produce corporate videos for new product introductions and training or streaming video for CD-ROM or the Internet. DDA makes broadcast-quality digital video available at a price that is affordable for companies with modest budgets. Since video capture, editing, and manipulation is 100% digital, there is no loss of quality as with analog footage which is often "digitized" to a computer for editing and then returned to tape.

Print design and production remain core components for DDA. From logos, business cards and sell sheets, to brochures and catalogs, no project is too large or small.

3D graphics are not only useful in animation, they can also be used in many web and print applications. Dynamic Digital Advertising uses 3D modeling in a variety of media, including, print, trade show graphics, CD-ROMs and videos. It's perfect for industrial illustration and one of the advantages of 3D illustration is that it can be used many times over. Simply changing camera angles, lighting and texture treatments allows for a wide variety of imagery. Recently, DDA developed 3D models that were presented simultaneously as elements of a trade show presentation and proved to be very effective.

Interactive CD-ROMs can hold a variety of media and a massive amount of information, i.e. 250,000 pages of text will fit on a single CD. Consider the possibilities: products, video clips, and virtual video tours can all be integrated on a CD-ROM with a leading edge interface that puts the viewer in control. CD-ROMs from DDA can be pressed onto a business card size disc or into the shape of a corporate logo, both play on standard desktop CD-ROM drives.

From small to large, inkjet to photographic, mounted to flexible and back-lit - DDA is the complete digital source for Trade Show Graphics.

DDA is proud of its digital past. We used to say, "we were digital before digital was cool." DDA endeavors to build a real relationship with each client, and in the process earn that client's trust. The creative and impactful advertising projects DDA develops helps to empower companies and helps those companies to take charge of their digital futures.

DDA designed an online e-commerce jewelry website for Chains and Charms that includes traditional charms, chains, bracelets, pandora jewelry and gemstone charms.

The Prostate Cancer Treatment Guide is a comprehensive source of prostate cancer information that is written plainly and organized conveniently into a chart. The simple layout of this guide will ease the daunting task of learning about treatments after receiving a prostate cancer diagnosis.

DDA's video website lists information about our video services including Scriptwriting, Storyboarding, Casting, Filming, Editing, Special Effects (FX), Animation, CD-ROM and DVD Production and Disk Label & Case Design. There is also a glossary of video production related terms, which also contains DDA invented phrases you may encounter throughout our website. For the best video marketing in the industry choose DDA, the agency that wrote the book on innovation.



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Dynamic Digital Advertising's Latest and Greatest section
Latest and Greatest
Website Design, Promotion and Marketing by Dynamic Digital Advertising
DDA Universal Portfolio

Last, Iím very happy with the condition of the site, especially compared to what we inherited. More great work by you and the DDA team, as usual. Iíve been working with David and the DDA team for more than a decade by now and you guys have never let me down!
— Philadelphia Gear
Last, Iím very happy with the condition of the site, especially compared to what we inherited. More great work by you and the DDA team, as usual. Iíve been working with David and the DDA team for more than a decade by now and you guys have never let me down!
— Philadelphia Gear
Thanks again for all your help. As always, you guys are so great to work with.
— Whitford Corporation
Awesome, awesome, awesome...... Unfortunately, our experience with developers has been less than stellar. It truly is refreshing to work with you and the rest of the DDA team.
— Cardiovascular Consultants, Ltd.
Reps that have seen the files are very happy with the turnout. We had a customer come in this week that was undecided on a large job, when he saw the install video he moved forward. Well worth the investment.
— Renewal by Andersen
I just wanted to say that, over the weekend, the more I looked at the current version of the animation, the more impressed I became. I'm excited, Beautiful work. We are all extremely pleased.
— USPS Office of Inspector General
I would like to compliment the website your company has. In my opinion, it is the best among all of Pandora's authorized dealer sites. It is beautifully designed and very easy to use. Thank you once again. –Vladamir M., Damascus, MD
THIS IS AWESOME! I am so excited for this website. The outcome is amazing.
— United Support Solutions
Once again I would like to thank you for the great work that you and your team did on the HeartNavigator and on the XperGuide app.
— Philips Healthcare
Everything appears fabulous! Keep up the good work!
— Carolina Piedmont Capital, Inc.
We are elated to see this idea become a reality. We are very proud of this app and hope you are too! We appreciate your collaboration very much in bringing to life such a quality product.
— AvaKid Productions
Great job executing this guys! Thanks for mobilizing your team so quickly.
— Philadelphia Gear
It has been a pleasure working with your team. You guys did a fantastic job with this!
— Medical Education Resources
This looks awesome - thank you!! Thanks again for your great work!
— The Surplus Warehouse
Really fantastic layout. I love the continuous background. This idea is really fresh and unique. Love it! Amazing job! Thanks.
— Whitford Worldwide
The site looks amazing! We are VERY Happy! Looking forward to our real launch. Thank everybody for their hard work.
— DeSumma & Wexler
The site looks awesome. It has more than exceeded our original vision for the project.
— National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners
Perfect! You're on top of everything as usual!
— Port-A-Cool, LLC
I want to tell you that I have always enjoyed working with you and everyone at DDA. I think that you have a really great team. They are always kind, prompt, pleasant, and caring.
— Topplestone, LLC
I want to tell you that I have always enjoyed working with you and everyone at DDA. I think that you have a really great team. They are always kind, prompt, pleasant, and caring.
— Topplestone, LLC
Everything is GREAT we so appreciate your efforts & actually we will need to start conversations with DDA regarding our new release.
— Capario
I look forward in our sustained working efforts. You guys have been so amazing. (I will tell everyone about you!--as I have been doing)
— Yoga Bent, LLC
Thanks, guys. I'm really looking forward to taking your hard work and putting it to use in 2010. Thanks for the excellent effort and support. Hope you all have a prosperous 2010.
— Acurian, Inc.
Thanks, guys. I'm really looking forward to taking your hard work and putting it to use in 2010. Thanks for the excellent effort and support. Hope you all have a prosperous 2010.
— Acurian, Inc.
We received many favorable compliments regarding our new product literature. Nice job!!
— Valtech Corporation

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