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Evaluate Your Existing Website Design

Is your website failing to generate leads? Is it hindering, rather than helping your business? If you've answered yes to both questions, then it may be time for a redesign. Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) is a professional website design/redesign and development company aimed at producing successful online businesses for clients of all sizes and from all industry segments. We offer a range of website redesign services to build websites better than anyone ever thought possible. If you are interested in a custom website redesign, it is important to first evaluate your existing website.

Approach the website from a user's perspective and evaluate the design based on the following criteria:

Search Engine Visibility - Is your website ranking on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN? More importantly, can your website be found on the first page of major search engines? Research shows that 85% of all visits to websites originate from major search engines and 62% of search engine users click on the results within the first page while 90% of users click on results within the first three pages. Simply put, if your website is not ranking on the first few pages of search engines, then it will not generate leads, but rather serve as an extension of your contact information.

Content - You've managed to get people to your website; people who are interested in your products or services. But, do you have something to tell them? If not, then you could be losing potential customers based on your marketing message, or lack thereof. With effective web copy, your site can encourage prospects to turn into customers.

Aesthetics and Layout - Is your website design compelling? An attractive site interests viewers, making them want to see more. As users tend to scan information rather than read, the layout should be designed so the viewer quickly understands the site's mission and the content should be broken into easy-to-read segments with headings and sub-headings. Graphics should complement the site's layout and content.

Creativity - Does your website look the same as your competitors? Is it innovative or unique in some way? For many users, it is exciting to find a website that offers something new or dares to be different. Interactive features are a great way to add dimension to a website. As many websites rely on the brochure-type style of website design, interactive and creative website designs can be considered a fresh alternative.

Ease of Navigation - Can your website visitors find the information they want or need quickly and easily? The navigational structure should be designed with the content and the intended audience in mind. The viewer should be able to navigate to a desired location within two or three clicks. Links to products and services, people, feedback and the site's main sections should be readily available.

Browser Compatibility - Some Web editing software, such as earlier versions of FrontPage, have compatibility issues with Netscape and other browsers. A site that looks good in Explorer may have problems in Netscape and vice versa. How well has your website designer or developer addressed these issues? Look at your website on different browsers, different browser versions, and old and new computers.

Loading Time - Does it take a long time for your website to load? Are your visitors left waiting to see video presentations, informative PDFs, 360-degree product animations, and more? Surveyed viewers comment that slow-loading sites are one of their top frustrations. Busy visitors won't wait long. A site should be attractive and still load quickly.

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