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High-volume restaurants, chain restaurants, and leading supply companies looking for cost-effective marketing should first consider Internet advertising as a successful tool to drive business. Internet advertising for restaurants differs from most other industry segments. While corporate websites are designed and developed to encourage prospects to make contact with the business for a certain product or service, a website for a restaurant is designed with the purpose of getting people in the door.

As a professional custom website design/redesign and development company, Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) produces restaurant website designs that recreate the atmosphere of your location, but also give enough information so that the customer knows what to expect when they arrive and more importantly they know how to get there. Our restaurant website designs create record sales for your company and often for less than the cost of annual newspaper ads or billboards.

Features of DDA's Restaurant Website Design and Redesign Services:

Menu - Showcase your menu for which your restaurant has become known. At DDA, we can feature each mouth-watering dish in a unique design with images and photos. Additionally, if you don't have the most ideal pictures, do not fear, we have photographers on staff who are experienced in food photography and know how to produce the best composition that leaves people hungry for more.

Locator - For chain restaurants, we can build a website that includes a locator tool. Users simply specify the area that they are interested in and the locator finds the restaurant that is closest in proximity. For a single high-volume restaurant, we can build a site that includes detailed directions and maps that specify the easiest and most direct route.

Place Reservations Online - Let users make reservations online and see your night fill up right before your eyes. Through our programming services, we can ensure that you'll never receive more reservations than you can handle. Once a time frame has been filled, the site will automatically eliminate the time as an option to customers. With online reservations, customers have the peace of mind that they'll have a great meal at the time they want to eat and you'll be satisfied in knowing that you'll have expected customers.

Place Orders Online - If your restaurant offers a take out or delivery service, consider the many advantages of online ordering. As users choose what they want from your menu, all the items are automatically calculated, making it easy for them as well as for your employees taking the order. Not only can we implement online ordering into your website design, we can create an interactive experience by including a virtual waitress.

Online Shopping - Do you sell clothing, hats, glasses, or other merchandise with your logo at your restaurant? Why not let customers buy your products online? At DDA, we have extensive experience in designing and developing e-commerce websites and are more than capable of integrating an online shopping feature within your restaurant site.

Order Gift Cards Online - Restaurant gift cards make great gifts. Through our services, we can allow users to order gift cards for themselves or others online quickly and easily. They can order cards in $10, $20, or $50 quantities or whatever amount you deem appropriate.

Apply for a Membership Online - Many restaurants have chosen to offer a membership or rewards program to customers as a way of improving their marketing efforts. With DDA, customers can apply for a membership online as well as check their balance to see how close they are to their goal.

Post Recent Reviews - Gain new business and maintain or grow customer loyalty by posting your recent restaurant reviews online. This tool serves as a great way to entice people to visit your restaurant on their next visit to the area.

Post Events - If your restaurant has special nights devoted to live music, happy hours, or any other form of entertainment, we can help you post your events online to encourage people to come in and enjoy a great dining experience.

Post Jobs - Looking to expand your staff or are you opening a new restaurant and looking for a brand new crew? Advertise available positions and let people apply online to make this process easier for you.

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8 Steps to Online Success

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