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Choose The Right Web Developer For Your Custom Website Redesign

At this point you are well aware that choosing the right web developer can mean the difference between a successful website that generates leads and one that stagnates as a lost entity in cyberspace. You've invested both time and money building a website that has failed your company and you don't want it to happen the second time around. At Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), Philadelphia's leading custom website design/redesign and development company, we understand that selecting the right web developer is one of the most complex tasks a business can undertake.

Today's marketing executives can choose from free-lance designers to large national advertising agencies and IT consultancies. Within this spectrum of web developers, website redesign services, development processes, and costs are as varied as there are website designs. While a free-lance web developer may devote a few hours to the project for amateur quality, an organization may implement a proven and refined process that could take months to complete. The difference is in the result.

When choosing the right web developer for your custom website redesign, ask yourself the following:

How long has the web developer been in business?
DDA has been in business since 1994.

Who are their typical clients?
DDA creates professional website redesigns for clients that range from small business owners to large fortune-500 companies in all industry segments. Our clients include business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) service or product providers.

Do they specialize in anything in particular?
At DDA, we specialize in building long-term online solutions for success today and tomorrow. Our core competencies include, but are not limited to search engine optimization, corporate identity and branding construction, and intuitive website usability.

Do they have a formal process for every website redesign?
DDA has established a 14-step proprietary website design and development process that is aimed at getting sites noticed by searchers and search engines alike. Our process has evolved through years of experience and a wide range of web projects.

Who will be assigned to my project and what are their skill sets?
According to your needs and the specifications of your project, DDA assigns a team of degreed website designers, developers, programmers, copywriters, search engine technicians, project coordinators, and others. Individually, they are experts in their fields; together they form a lineup that is sure to trump the competitor.

Will they build the website to be search engine friendly?
Yes. DDA has years of experience in search engine optimization and knows what it takes to design and develop a website that ranks high on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Are they able to integrate unique features such as Flash animation, 360-degree product spins, virtual reality, streaming video, and more into the website redesign?
Not only can DDA effectively integrate the features listed above as well as many others, we can create them ourselves in house by skilled videographers, animators, and graphic designers.

Do they provide hosting? Is it mandatory to let them host the site?
DDA provides free website hosting to those that enroll in our SureThing™ Search Engine Optimization Program. If you chose to employ DDA for your professional website redesign, website hosting is an option, not a requirement.

How do they measure online success?
For DDA, the proof is in the numbers. We rely on metrics reporting to provide information on every action visitors take on your website and whether or not they have made it to your "call-to-action" or "conversion" pages. Additionally, we work with you to establish the number of qualified leads that have been obtained as a result of the custom website redesign.

Do they have a proven history of success?
For over a decade, we have produced a multitude or website designs and redesigns that have proven to be successful short and long term. Our clients have, on average, 399 first page rankings on Google alone, as well as hundreds more first page rankings on Yahoo and MSN and have 4,500 visitors to their website each month. Many of our clients' websites have 2,000 to 3,000 first page rankings on Google, while some have 9,000 to 10,000 and receive approximately 15,000 to 20,000 visitors per month.

Where can I see examples of previous work?
Visit our website design portfolio to see examples of completed projects.

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