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Continuing Medical Education (CME) through Virtual Training Solutions

With sponsorship from major academic centers, continuing medical education (CME) as presented through different types of technology-based eLearning training methods and virtual training solutions is no longer simply informative, but innovative. The concept of using virtual training in the technology age is not exclusive to corporate organizations as it has extended to medical professionals in private practice, hospitals, and clinics. Continuing medical education (CME) courses can be taken online, which enables users to have remote access, and credits can be automatically documented, which makes this an invaluable resource for tracking and measuring effective training results. Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training helps continuing medical education providers build a network of training materials that are as educational as they are engaging.


A couple of examples of virtual CME courses include:

  • Web- or Internet-based training that allows users to work from a network of CME courses in areas such as medical billing for office assistants or medical resources for technologists. Online CME course resources provide 24/7 instruction from virtually anywhere in the world.
  • Video-based training that enables users to view a virtual product, service, or procedure demonstration and/or a speaker or lecture presentation to further their understanding and promote memory retention. Quizzes for accreditation and credits can be taken at the end of the CME video.

As a virtual training company and custom eLearning developer, DDA Corporate and Medical Training offers all possible corporate, business, and medical training solutions to help organizations and their employees and trainees perform to an optimal level. In a hospital or sales management office, all of the different types of technology-based training methods and techniques we offer effectively communicate the material at hand, while encouraging active participation and lasting memory retention. With our innovative virtual training techniques and methods, you are limited only to your imagination. See how you, as a CME provider, can push the envelope with continuing medical education in the technology age by contacting DDA Corporate and Medical Training.