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Interactive Virtual Reality Training Games, Simulations, & Environments

Stimulate your employees or trainees interest in learning new procedures, policies, products, or services through active participation in virtual training games, simulations, and environments. Although entertaining in nature, these applications go a step further as an effective way to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Virtual training techniques serve as just one of many different types of technology-based and interactive eLearning training methods offered at Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training. In a safe and risk-free environment, sales representatives can practice new skills for their job and medical professionals can experiment with new equipment being introduced to the market. With our virtual reality training solutions, anything is possible.

Advantages of Virtual Training Games and Simulated Environments
  • Realistic — Our ability to create virtual games or simulated environments through 2D and 3D animation, illustration, video, photo manipulation, and more enables us to develop realistic worlds that are specific to your needs, whether it is a virtual office for customer service or sales management training or a virtual combat setting for military skills training.
  • Immersive — The concept of using virtual training in the technology age is growing in acceptance for corporate businesses as well as medical organizations. Many existing and new staff members have grown up using the Internet; the virtual world is one in which they are well accustomed. When they are able to comfortably immerse themselves in training and utilize different senses, learning is done almost on a subconscious level.
  • Interactive — Whether they use an avatar or guide themselves in a virtual world, users can experience a greater level of involvement and creativity by interacting with the training tool either by taking quizzes or navigating from one area to another. It is shown that active participation on behalf of trainees encourages high memory retention.
  • Economic — Eliminate travel and accommodation expenses for face-to-face training seminars with virtual reality corporate and medical eLearning training games and simulations. These different types of innovative technology-based training methods can be integrated with a new or existing website or Intranet. A one-time fee enables you to utilize these training techniques and training methods as often as necessary.

Build real interpersonal skills through virtual employee training solutions that are as motivational as they are educational. Choose DDA Corporate and Medical Training and we’ll implement the training techniques, methods, and tools that add to your bottom line — to effectively train more people faster and at less cost.