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Provide eLearning Training Accreditation for all Training Deployment Techniques

Regardless of the method of deployment, Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training can offer your company the ability to track employee training results and usage. Monitor results to ensure employees are achieving optimal performance, review to determine which methods and techniques are most effective at training employees, or use as a way to award in-house certification and accreditation.


Whether your company, regardless if it’s in the medical or corporate field, is providing training techniques through custom eLearning solutions, web-based and computer methods, virtual simulations, or television- or Internet-based techniques, DDA Corporate and Medical Training can provide training validation and certification online.

DDA Corporate and Medical Training Provides the Tools to Increase Employee Performance

Once you have created your custom training program with DDA Corporate and Medical Training, further increase the effectiveness of our training techniques and methods, by providing training and development accreditation and certification at the end of the course or program.


Providing validation and keeping track of results gives your company the reassurance that employees are properly trained, regardless of how the training was deployed, and also gives you the ability to address specific training issues and provide assessment, ultimately resulting in increased effectiveness and Return on Investment (ROI).


Certification Offered for a Variety of Training

You can track results and offer certification for a variety of training programs. Here are a few examples of what certification and accreditation can be used for:

  • Training and Development
  • Customer Service Certification Online Training
  • Sales Training
  • Sexual Harassment Online Certification Training
Choose the Best Certification Option for Your Company

Much like the varied business and medical training methods and techniques offered by DDA Corporate and Medical Training, there are multiple options available to your company for training certification and validation. Provide online quizzes and assessments, allow employees to review techniques learned through pop-ups or supplementary presentations, offer animation or fun games to further increase learning. Whatever the method or idea, DDA Corporate and Medical Training can help make it a reality by providing the tools you need to achieve success.


We offer all types of technology-based management and sales training tools to meet a variety of job and organizational training needs . Offering certification and accreditation and giving you the ability to track results regardless of the method of training is just another way that DDA Corporate and Medical Training helps your company to increase employee performance.