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Animation Services for Job Training

Animation for training video, CD, DVD, or the Internet is one of the most effective ways for business, corporate, or medical programs to efficiently train numerous trainees on the latest products, services, or policies. With photographic animation, photographs of actual products can be fused with animation techniques to heighten the learning visual aids. At Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training, we strive to create eLearning training tools and methods that will help your trainees learn and retain the information needed to work efficiently.

Photographic Animation Training for Effective Job Training

Photographic animation combines real life images with animated graphical elements to sustain visual interest. This type of animation for training allows users to obtain knowledge of the product or facility in discussion and being able to see that product or facility in use. The biggest benefit to photographic animation is that users on- or off-the-job can have real visual representations regarding the information they are learning about, eliminating the expensive need to ship products for hands-on training or pay the travel cost to send people to the latest training facility.


While the photographs are the main support in photographic animation, a proper training tool may also include animated bullet points with key information and voice-over narration to help explain. The information presented within a photographic animation can also be interactive to include training sources or materials. ELearning training animations can be formatted for computer-based training with video on CD or DVD, or web-based training on websites, training portals, or intranets.


Employee Retention Training with Photography Animation

Done right, photographic animation for training will help trainees understand and retain the information that was presented while providing actual replications of on-site products or facilities. When the trainee has successfully passed the program, he or she will already have a familiarity with the object discussed during training. Instead of struggling to comprehend text-based training material and applying it to the workplace, photography animation provides trainees with the proper material and how the information applies to the workplace. Your employees will be able to start work immediately and efficiently as a result.