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Design for Corporate and Medical Training Tools

Budget constraints and increased competition in the ever-evolving business and medical environments justify the need for innovative and effective employee training from Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training for a substantial payback on the training expenditure of any organization. DDA’s design and implementation process of job and employee training programs, tools, and materials is linear from initial concept development to end product delivery. Our corporate, business, and medical training program designers develop different types of technology-based training delivery methods in order to bring real organizational benefits within shorter time frames and often with smaller training budgets. For advanced on-the-job and off-the-job integrated eLearning systems and solutions, our practices are professional, costs are economical, and designs are exceptional.

Design Training Tools for Appropriate Target Audience

Whether we are in the process of designing a training certificate for continuing medical education (CME) accreditation or designing training materials for sales managers and project management, we use clean design techniques and elements to make sure the instructional message is clear and easy for the viewer to grasp. Such training design elements include the right font, images that support—not detract—from the content, formatting graphics and text in a Z-pattern for left-to-right review, proper spacing to avoid information overload, and more. When designing different corporate, business, and medical training materials for individual managers and general organizations, first we analyze a particular target audience and the specific training objective. Then, we apply creative design that captures attention and engages interest from start to finish.


Design all Components of Training Tools

At DDA Corporate and Medical Training, we specialize in the design and delivery of integrated eLearning development and management systems for both on-the-job and off-the-job training methods. Training programs such as these consist of a variety of elements that form one cohesive, highly functional unit. Each piece of a training CD, DVD, webcast, Intranet, website, video, portal, blog, and any other training tool needs to be professionally designed with unique characteristics, and also with a similar style so the system or program is consistently presented. To use a training CD as an example, we must design the interface for navigation, the CD labels and packaging for distribution, and the certificate for accreditation. What sets DDA Corporate and Medical Training apart from the competition is our ability to not only design every element, but to develop and implement every component in-house at a price businesses can afford.