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Design Training Tools for Appropriate Target Audience

The target audience must be considered in the design and implementation of a corporate, business, medical, or educational training program for the return on investment (ROI) your company deserves. Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training employs training program designers that are skilled in creating different types of innovative eLearning technology-based training methods for people of all learning styles, as well as those in all levels of the organizational hierarchy. In order for the design and delivery of integrated learning systems to be effective, we analyze the specific employee, job, or task at hand and apply the appropriate design techniques according to the particular needs involved. Our process for designing eLearning training modules to the appropriate audience is defined below.

Initial Step: Audience Analysis

Once the objectives of the corporate, business, or medical training materials are established in preliminary¬†Concept Development, our team of professional training program designers perform a thorough audience analysis individually and in focus groups to determine proper document design. For example, when developing instructional project management training tools, our designers will first analyze the company being represented so the “right” principles are maintained for overall understanding and then interview the managers so the procedures are detailed enough for trouble-free orientation. The same theoretical process pertains to different methods of training organizations in other on-the-job and off-the-job sales, business, and medical training tools.


Subsequent Step: Design Application

With the information obtained from the audience analysis, the training program designers at DDA Corporate and Medical Training apply the job and employee training techniques they have learned through years of experience in the field of technology-based training methods. For example, when developing a design for training certificates in a Continuing Medical Education (CME) Intranet for Radiologists, we take into account the professional attributes of the specialists, as well as the breakthrough treatments that have emerged on the Radiology marketplace. Then, we implement innovative designs that present the CME provider as a pioneer and the certificate as one that the Radiologist would be proud to showcase in their office or share with colleagues or patients.


Our designs for all different types of on- and off-the-job technology-based training methods are second-to-none and are tailor-made for the training audience of your choice for quantifiable results that add to your bottom line.