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Track the Usage of your Technology-based Training Methods

If you want to know who has used your different types of technology-based training methods, for how long they maintained use, and at what level they were able to reach, then you need to rely on the advanced learning system programming services of Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training. Tracking your training materials will help you ascertain whether the tools you implement are effective methods of training organizations or if they fail to train employees in the long term. As a corporate and medical training company with custom web and network programming services, we know what it takes to build advanced learning modules and create the programming for embedded back-end administrative and management system development. Virtual training games or animated training videos, we help you develop the tools you need and track their usage so you are assured a solid investment.

Programming to Track eLearning Training Material Usage

As part of our programming for tracking functions in training management system development, we can help you identify who is utilizing the technology-based programs, how often, where they are in the procedural process, and whether they have achieved certification or completion of the tool. The mechanism to track usage is embedded in the system so the information you obtain is automatic and can be obtained in real time. This way, you’ll know if your employees are using the training program, and if so, what areas are getting the most traffic, where the stumbling blocks may be, and how to adjust the tool for the future.


Programming to Measure the Effectiveness of your Training Tools

Once you know who is using your training material and how they are using it, you can measure the tools effectiveness and determine if it is adding to the bottom line for your organization. Perhaps a section of information is not being conveyed appropriately as users are not taking the “right” course of action, or maybe users are having a difficult time navigating the training method. With the tracking program in place and the knowledge gained for its use, we can work with you to improve the training tools so they function to optimum capacity and performance. At DDA Corporate and Medical Training, we don’t just build innovative technology-based training methods and techniques, we help you manage them within a system that is sure to work.