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Video Production Services for Corporate and Medical Training

Does the idea of creating a corporate, medical, business or educational training video seem daunting or expensive because you are concerned with outsourcing to multiple video production vendors to accomplish one task? If so, then let Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training alleviate your concerns. As a full-service video production company and advertising agency, we are the sole source needed to create, develop, and produce the professional materials you need to train individual employees and the organization at large. With our one-stop shop, we streamline development and production so you can utilize different types of eLearning technology-based training methods faster and at a lower cost.

Pre-production Services:

Come to us with an objective and we’ll work with you to develop the concept and see it through to fruition. Aside from our storyboarding and scriptwriting services, we also have a comprehensive Actors’ Network for casting the right voice-over or on-screen talent to represent your organization in the best light. For example, if you are creating a sexual harassment video to train your restaurant’s employees, then our copywriters can produce the script of a scenario, apply the right screen actions, and our casting directors can help you find the right male or female to portray the scene and convey the take-home message.


Production Services:

At DDA Corporate and Medical Training, we can record audio and shoot your training video in our professional studios or capture footage on-location as needed. Our skilled and experienced video directors work with actors, voice-over talents, and support staff to film all components as efficiently as possible. For example, if you want a medication administration training video for your healthcare office, then our videographers will utilize the proper lighting, microphones, and other production equipment to depict the sequence of events and get high-quality picture and sound in digital format for easy post-production applications.


Post-production Services:

Once all of the raw footage is collected and compiled, post-production services like video and audio editing, and CD/DVD mastering and duplication begin. This is where the segmented pieces merge to form a cohesive and seamless presentation that is innovative and effective. For example, if you are developing a customer service training video for sales and general management, then we can splice different footage together to demonstrate procedures in a linear sequence of events. From raw content to finished product, our video production process reinvents how different types of eLearning technology-based training methods emerge for effective self-paced and group-based learning through video.