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Self-Paced Computer Training for Offsite Professional Development

Our personal definition of computer-based training is “the smartest corporate training decision a company can make.” Peruse the sample eLearning and computer-based training methods shown in videos within our portfolio, and you’ll share our view. Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training offers effective off-the-job training methods like self-paced learning through virtual simulation and video training and self-paced computer training, and we’d like you to experience the benefits of our corporate training materials.

Tap Into the Advantages of Off-the-Job Training Methods

Technology-based training methods are the present and future of employee education, because they kill several birds with one stone, so to speak: firstly, computer-based training courses cut costs, as there is no lecturer or professor, and with a virtual simulation (just one example of off-the-job training), you buy it once, but use it ad infinitum. Secondly, you can customize everything when we’re designing computer-based training services for your company, and continually update the site content with our web-based computer training and multimedia eLearning solutions. Thirdly, when you use our innovative training tools, such as virtual simulations, you’re also training employees in the use of cutting-edge interactive technology.


Computer-based Training Solutions for Any Workplace Problems

Off-the-job training and development can address the same issues as on-the-job workshops; in fact, an off-the-job training presentation deployed online has the bonus of interactive elements. Different methods of training organizations and employees are useful when addressing tough topics like sexual harassment or diversity; the privacy accorded by self-paced training allows employees to relax and truly interact with the material. When asked to describe off-the-job training methods’ greatest benefit, employees almost always say the ability to learn the material in a stress-free setting.


Training Techniques to Upgrade Your Biggest Investment: Employees

There are effective methods for training employees that don’t involve computer-based business, sales, or management training tools. But none have the combined advantages of DDA Corporate and Medical Training materials, because our job training techniques benefit from years of experience that other computer-based training vendors simply don’t have. For more information about computer-based training and different training methods, contact DDA Corporate and Medical Training.