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Web-based Training vs. Classroom Teaching: A Crash Course

With Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training materials like self-paced computer training and web-based training and testing, businesses large and small can afford to give employees the best in professional development. Internet-based training and multimedia eLearning solutions are replacing other forms of training—namely, classroom-based teaching. Online computer-based training eliminates the cost of paying instructors to deliver the same services repeatedly, because with off-the-job online training, unlimited numbers of trainees learn from self-training services that you only have to purchase once.

What’s Our Definition of Web-based Training? Guaranteed Success

When you develop web-based training programs and other types of technology-based training methods with DDA Corporate and Medical Training, it’s easier to accomplish your human resources goals, because one of the advantages of off-the-job training methods like an employee web-based training course is greater efficacy in transmitting and retaining knowledge. And isn’t that the point of all employee training techniques and methods?


Effective Off-the-Job Training Methods and Techniques for Tomorrow

Create web-based training for today and tomorrow with DDA Corporate and Medical Training, one of the only web-based Internet training and eLearning developers with well over fourteen years’ experience. Our self-paced learning through virtual simulations and web-based applications are always excellent options for your customized management, sales and business training tools.


The User Benefits of Our Web-based Training Process

The advantages of on-the-job and off-the-job training and development from DDA Corporate and Medical Training are clear. With our different methods of training employees and organizations, you get innovative training tools that incorporate relevant technology, use less of your resources, produce employee results, and are easily updated. Additionally, the learning style of web-based training puts to use the advantages in action learning. Off-the-job training has never been more accessible.