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Enhance Learning with On-the-Job Medical Training Methods

Is your medical facility searching for effective on-the-job methods for training employees? Are you struggling to convey complicated medical processes and codes of conduct with traditional training techniques and materials? Then look no further. Dynamic Digital Advertising’s (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training division is well versed in creating innovative corporate and medical training tools that employ technology-based training methods designed to effectively inform. Online pharmacy technicians, medical transcription specialists, assistants, and billing departments can learn effortlessly with the self-paced computer training on web-based and mobile apps, learning through video, and more that is custom tailored to your medical facility’s exact needs.


DDA’s Corporate and Medical Training division has explored different methods of training organizations and employees to determine the most effective examples of structured on-the-job training. Whether you are seeking medical device sales, equipment, or medical instructional training, the array of DDA Corporate and Medical Training employee comprehension tools guarantee to enhance existing on-the-job training techniques. As a full-service agency with extreme capabilities, no types of technology-based training methods are beyond our reach.

On-the-Job Computer-, TV-, Web-based Medical Training and More
  • Computer- and TV-based: Illustrate complex medical procedures, equipment handling, or code of conduct with video formatted on mobile or web-based apps. With an in-house video production studio offering endless services, videos featuring 2d and 3d animation, professional voiceover narrations, and actors, are readily available.
  • Virtual: Employees and trainees can simulate working situations with virtual reality training modules.
  • Web- and Internet-Based: Offer medical assistants, online pharmacy technicians, and medical equipment operators access to online-based training programs that contain informational copy, graphics, and quizzes that not only inform, but engage.
Turn to the Medical and Business Training Tools Experts, DDA, for Customized Programs, Videos, and CMEs

Let DDA unveil custom interactive eLearning development methods and techniques that reinvigorate your out-dated and ineffective medical training materials. The advantages of on-the-job technology-based training cannot be denied. Whether you opt to inform with videos, custom tailored e-learning programs including virtual medical simulation, or Continuing Medical Education websites (CME), DDA is your gateway to improved on-the-job employee comprehension.