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Managing Your Corporate and Medical Training Program

What good is a shiny new car if no one teaches you how to drive it - or gives you the keys? With Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training, managing your business' training program will be like a traffic-free drive to work, and you'll never lose the keys.

The Right Training Program for You

Some training techniques and training methods feel like a used car, giving you the feeling they just don't belong to you, and they have more miles than you've been told. That's because most types of technology-based training methods are spawned from rigid templates, meaning everyone gets the same eLearning training program, masked by a bottled new-car smell. With DDA Corporate and Medical Training, your innovative employee training methods and tools will feel like new, because they are. We create the corporate, medical, business, management, or sales training tools and materials that best suit your needs. Most importantly, we give you the keys.


Putting You in Control

With your customized corporate or medical training program in place, setting up and managing employee training is put into your hands – but we're always there to help if you need us. Your administrator login gives you access to a customized eLearning management system, allowing you to do anything and everything you need to keep up with your employees' results. You can change course requirements and personal information via the extensive database, schedule courses and track results and usage through the in-depth employee training and skills tracking system, and handle certification and accreditation programs to guarantee more results with less training. And if your program ever needs a tune-up, DDA's staff of experienced technicians is there to help.


Your Friendly Service Station

At DDA, we're not some fly-by-night company that will hand you a new employee-training program and then disappear. We have plenty of experience with eLearning solutions, and the resume to back it up. So while you are in complete control of your employee- or job-training materials, methods, and techniques, you can breathe easy knowing that our experienced staff of writers, programmers, designers, and more is just a phone call or email away to handle any problem that may arise, or make any changes you deem necessary.


There may be plenty of different methods of training employees out there, but none will be more effective than the one DDA Corporate and Medical Training designs for your organization. Best of all, you'll be in control.