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Deeper and More Experiential eLearning with DDA CMT

Make them remember with corporate and medical training platforms from DDA CMT. DDA CMT creates richly interactive multimedia training tools that facilitate deep learning with long-term retention. Live-action video, 2D and 3D animation, graphical user interface design, interactive programming, voice-over narration, testing, certification, metrics reporting and more are combined in immersive eLearning applications that effectively communicate complex topics to trainees of all learning styles.


Liability issues are limited with accurate tracking of verifiable user performance and certification. The demographic and performance data captured grant critical insight into the effectiveness of the eLearning materials for future refinement. Online eLearning applications make corporate and medical training streamlined and automated, reducing errors and labor costs simultaneously. Added convenience is had through the 24/7 accessibility of interactive eLearning platforms. The cost, consistency, accuracy, and accessibility advantages of moving training to online eLearning applications represent a great opportunity to corporations and medical organizations of all kinds.


Deep Roots in All Things Digital


DDA has a long history of pioneering new digital media. DDA was one of the first digital design and production agencies in the US, the first digital photography studio in Pennsylvania at its founding in 1994, and would become one of the first digital video studios soon thereafter. DDA leveraged the advantages of the digital work environment for 2D and 3D animation early on, benefitting clients with more cost-effective and accessible options  in animation. It pioneered search engine optimization (SEO) with its SureThing™ search engine marketing program developed in 1996, long before Google even existed. Even its more traditional print marketing materials benefitted from the efficiency gains afforded by the new digital work environment.


DDA CMT has built upon its trailblazing legacy by pushing the boundaries of the possible with new and innovative hybrid multimedia technologies. DDA CMT used its synergistic multimedia design and development skills by using synchronized video, imagery, text, and voice-over narration to create some of the earliest eLearning platforms. Continual innovation led to DDA CMT producing some of the first virtual medical simulations (VMS), which coordinate animation, custom interactive immersive environments, on-screen live-action video, and custom-programmed medical simulations to train clinicians on new medical devices, interventional suites, and procedures. Today, DDA CMT offers 360-degree and aerial drone video production to capture more visuals of medical facilities than ever before possible.


Fast and Flexible with All In-House Production


In an increasingly commoditized world, DDA CMT offers genuinely custom training applications to match the specific needs of each of its clients. DDA CMT produces all of its websites, videos, animations, training simulations, and eLearning platforms in house, using degreed professionals with long-term tenure. By eliminating third parties in the supply chain, inefficiencies are reduced, while responsiveness is enhanced. This limits costs while placing DDA CMT in an advantageous position to deliver comprehensive multimedia projects in a timely manner. With DDA CMT having full control over the production process, greater flexibility to accommodate changes is afforded, ensuring that clients can explore new opportunities for added value as they are revealed during the development process.


Award-Winning Service


The advantages of custom in-house design and development are revealed in the accolades DDA CMT has received for its engaging hybrid interactive multimedia training platforms. DDA CMT won the first Tabby Award for best iPad healthcare application in 2012 for the Philips XperGuide Virtual Medical Simulation, which combines a custom-designed interactive immersive environment with live-action video, animation, interactive simulation controls, and active testing for a richly rewarding experience that drove clinicians to keep training, even in their spare time. DDA CMT would win another Tabby Award in 2014 for the ETHOS Engage, a unique application which facilitates pharmaceutical advisory board meetings with peer-to-peer synchronized deep learning and collaboration features found nowhere else. Among DDA's awards are included being named one of the top ten most dependable search engine marketing firms by Goldline Research in 2008, and awards from two separate medical organizations for the patient-focused emergency contraception website


DDA CMT offers a wide variety of excellent options for web and database hosting. Ultra-secure non-internet facing database and HIPAA-compliant servers meet stringent privacy requirements to protect patient and clinician information. DDA CMT also hosts streaming video on a specialized Content Delivery Network (CDN). The CDN automatically selects from among a vast transnational network of nodes a delivery point localized to each specific end user to maximize playback performance for all. As businesses and organizations demand richer and higher fidelity multimedia training, DDA CMT keeps  abreast of the latest technologies to ensure the best outcomes for its clients.


Agile Design and Development


DDA CMT's agile design and development maximizes the value delivered with every minute expended through a collaborative, step-by-step process. Work proceeds in small intervals with continual review, revision, and direction provided by the client to ensure DDA CMT consistently tracks with client expectations every step of the way. This minimizes any time spent exploring potential design and development options that will not be used in the final training platform, while also offering numerous opportunities to identify new opportunities for improvement to the original project scope. This consistent attentiveness and communication has helped DDA CMT secure the loyalty of its clients time and again. Take a look at the hundreds of unsolicited testimonials DDA CMT has received from clients.


Take your corporate and medical training to new heights. Make them remember with interactive multimedia eLearning platforms by DDA CMT. Contact DDA CMT today.