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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is the next wave of innovation for custom interfaces, with the ability to deliver a real time, photorealistic world layered onto your experience. Using a smartphone, tablet, or a hands free device, Augmented Reality is equipped with the development capabilities to take new ideas and fold them into a compelling experience never before possible, with an enhanced experience for the user and a more cost development process for innovators. DDA has long standing experience with all types of AR since its inception, and our team of full time, degreed professionals is poised to demonstrate the extreme capabilities of Augmented Reality, and the limitless development possibilities that lie ahead. Conveniently located just outside Philadelphia, DDA’s fully equipped studio features a professional video studio with a professional sound booth. Our suite of services is unmatched in its level of integration, diversity, and completeness. We do not outsource our work, and our staff is comprised of experts from every aspect of custom software development and experiential marketing.


By using your smartphone or other mobile device, Augmented Reality presents you with a vivid 3 dimensional virtual landscape layered over the environment from your camera lens. Virtual information can come in the form of diagrams with highlighted charts and metrics, highlighted text and dynamic arrow and symbols. It can also overlay photo-realistically rendered objects that appear as if they are real and actively placed inside your actual environment. These objects can have shadows, reflections, and special effects that react to forces and interact with the user. Combining these effects can achieve an immersive multimedia experience that can be organized into an information rich environment that delivers data in the right way, customized for the specific user and presented in the best format for the intentions of the particular application. DDA is uniquely qualified to assess the particular requirements and implement the soundest strategy in regards to all facets of the production.


About DDA

DDA has been an innovator in the field of experiential marketing and custom software development. Our process focuses on client interface and communication. We break our projects into a logical process that keeps clients fully informed along the way. Our programmers are conversant with many of the most widely used computer programming languages, and can customize software to achieve optimized results. We produce innovative virtual platforms using professional graphic design and 3D computer modeling, Aerial Drone footage, Virtual Reality, and 360 Video, for custom eLearning Platforms, medical training, equipment demonstrations and so much more. Let’s discuss the possibilities and see how Augmented Reality is going to change the future of your business.