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Support, Discussion, and Learning Forums Boost Training Effectiveness

Encourage virtual community building while effectively training your employees or trainees through support, discussion, and e-learning forums. Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training offers forum development as part of a broad offering of different types of technology-based training methods and techniques. Not only do forums allow discussions to take place asynchronously over an extended period of time, but users are not required to be online at the same time, rather, they can participate at a time that is convenient with their schedule. Unlike a live venue, online forums allow participants to review, reflect, and seek out information prior to providing a response. Still question whether forums are the best type of training method for your organization? Read on for the answers you need to make a well-informed decision.

Are forums only limited to text-based formats?

No. Although some forums feature text-only postings, others support multimedia eLearning solutions, enabling users to post messages with photos, videos, line drawings, illustrations, etc. that visually explain what cannot be conveyed in words.


Can the training forum be moderated?

Yes. Through administrative control, discussions can be moderated, access can be limited, and comments can be edited, deleted, moved, or otherwise modified.


Is there a mechanism to track usage and participation?

Yes. The programmers at DDA Corporate and Medical Training can build a backend administrative section to the forum, allowing the forum manager or administrator to see who is logging in and how often a user is participating in discussions.


Are there display options available?

Yes. Comments, questions, and answers can be displayed in chronological order or as threaded discussions based on your organization’s training preferences.


There is a diverse range of applications for the use of forums as a training tool. While a corporate business may benefit from support, discussion, and/or debates forums for the training of everyone from office assistants to sales management representatives, a hospital or Continuing Medical Education (CME) provider may find the perfect virtual training solution in online distance learning (or e-learning) and resource forums. If you’re looking for an innovative way to train your employees, then further investigate the concept of using virtual training and feedback forums in the technology age. Find out what it means to implement effective teaching and learning by contacting DDA Corporate and Medical Training for different methods of training organizations. As a leading virtual training company, we have what you need to succeed.