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Train Effectively by Communicating Virtually with Corporate and Medical Blogs

Encourage your employees or trainees to ask questions, seek answers, and provide commentary through corporate, business, or medical blogs. Effectively train them on new procedures, topics, products, or services through one-on-one or group communication. With Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training as your virtual training company, we can create a text-based and video or photo blog for your organization’s website, interactive eLearning tools, or Intranet. See the questions and answers below for reasons on why you should employ our different types of technology-based training methods to create a corporate or medical blog that educates and informs for better job techniques and overall performance.


Question: What type of administrative control do you have?


Answer: You can control entries, updates, and comments through backend administrative blog tools, as well as search by content or subject for quick and easy reference and retrieval. Either designate one training manager to respond to all questions, or allow colleagues to help one another gain the information they need.


Question: How can you make the blog continually engaging?


Answer: In each blog post and response, you can add photos to support your instructional training materials and links to web pages where users can obtain further information. Additionally, blogs are designed to tackle new subjects on a daily basis, so users should be able to regularly access fresh information, which, in turn, keeps them interested.


Question: When creating informative or educational blogs, are there different design concepts and ideas that can be applied to enhance the aesthetic appeal?


Answer: Your organization’s virtual training blog can be designed to complement your company’s website, eLearning management system, or Intranet. We can add your corporate logo and colors to customize the blog and make it your own. Moreover, we can organize modules to your preferences for easy access to information.


Whether it is your goal to start a blog for medical transcription students in a hospital setting or use it as one of many virtual assistant training solutions for sales representatives and management in an office environment, DDA Corporate and Medical Training has the business blog ideas and tools that work. Use the concept of virtual training in the technology age to your advantage. In our fast-paced corporate and medical worlds, you’ll be glad you did. For innovative blogs that incorporate video, photos, quizzes, and more, contact us today.