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Creating Video Podcasts for Corporate and Medical Training

Share important training information with anyone at any time by creating innovative audio or video podcasts through the virtual training services of Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training. Of all the different types of effective technology-based and custom eLearning training methods and techniques we offer, podcasts are considered to be one of the latest concepts of virtual training in the technology age and are rapidly becoming a mainstream communication medium. Once thought to be exclusively for the distribution of music files, podcasts are now being used for a variety of marketing and general communication purposes in corporate businesses and medical organizations. Continue reading or contact DDA Corporate and Medical Training to see how you can use podcasts for your training objectives.

What type of content can be presented through a podcast?

Podcasts, by definition, consist of a series of digital-media files, but, by extension, can include virtually any audio or video recordings suitable to the training task at hand. You can record lectures, debates, interviews, or discussions, and communicate topics, curriculum, assignments, and other information through non-video, sound (or audio) podcasts, innovative video podcasts, or webcasting podcasts. As podcast providers in a virtual and eLearning training solutions company, we can help film and/or record the information you need and format the material accordingly to effectively train your employees or trainees.


How can users access training podcasts?

To access training podcasts, users — whether they are medical school students or sales management representatives — can download them directly through a link in an RSS feed or specific web page. Once downloaded, materials can be listened to and viewed on wireless handhelds (like MP3 portable media players), on a computer using media player software, or with VolP technology (voice communication transmitted digitally over a network). When your employees or trainees are on the road, they have access to the latest training methods, techniques, and tools at all locations and times.


Podcasting enables users to easily receive the information they need to perform their job better and listen to it when they want, in the way that is most appropriate. Call or email DDA Corporate and Medical Training to see if virtual training podcast solutions are right for your organization.