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Technology-Based Training Methods for On- and Off-the-Job Training

Business, corporate, and medical training is an essential tool for creating effective workflow and maintaining up-to-date standards and guidelines. While different training methods can be costly and inefficient, Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training has the ability to simplify complex issues and create effective methods for training employees. With web-based eLearning training programs, that incorporate animations, videos and/or virtual simulations, DDA Corporate and Medical Training programs allow employees to train on- or off-the-job — at a global scale. Training and development sites on the web can be accessed anywhere and at anytime to facilitate successful technology-based training methods.

Employee Web-Based Training Programs Facilitate Memory Retention

Interactive eLearning solutions and web-based training and testing have the unique ability to reach hundreds, or thousands, of employees on a global scale to make the training process simple. Logging into the training program simply requires a computer with Internet access and common web browsers, making the program available to virtually anyone. Furthermore, DDA Corporate and Medical Training can protect the training program websites with secure servers and authentication to ensure confidentiality.


How fully integrated on- and off-the-job training websites from DDA Corporate and Medical Training can benefit your business:

  • Custom website designs with easy-to-use graphical interfaces simplify the training process and guide users through the website.
  • Advanced programming creates online testing programs, tracks and reports user information, and awards certification upon successful completion of the testing portion.
  • Integrated animations, video production and/or virtual simulations engage trainees, heighten attention span, and increasememory retention.

In today’s global economy, reaching employees is harder, and more expensive, than ever before. The Internet and employee computer- and web-based training programs make it simple to reach employees and keep them updated with the latest information at a very low cost. Through web-based training methods, DDA Corporate and Medical Training provides the Building Blocks of Advanced Learning Tools (BB of ALT) to ensure high memory retention. There is no better solution to your training needs than DDA Corporate and Medical Training.