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Corporate and Medical Training Deployment Methods

Today’s fast-paced and evolving corporate and medical organizations are utilizing technology in all different facets of business. From using Intranets to connect internationally located sales and management departments to using web-based continuing medical education (CME) tools to keep medical professionals up-to-date on the latest advances in the field, technology is changing the way these organizations function, making it easier than ever before to communicate and stay informed. Technology is now being integrated into corporate and medical training, providing managers with a host of options for innovative training tools. At home or in the office, self-paced or group-based, training is finally flexible enough to keep up with real world work environments. Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training is helping companies in all industry segments to successfully train their employees with results that add to bottom-line efficiency and productivity.

Live Virtual Training Methods

Want to connect with your employees and staff members in real time from anywhere in the world? If so, then live virtual training materials created by DDA Corporate and Medical Training will make it happen. Whether you want to present the latest company procedures to a group of employees in a live forumblog, or streaming webcast, or engage trainees with improved product or service information through a custom eLearning tool, CME programpodcastvirtual medical simulation or virtual training game, we have the capability and the know how to develop the right training module for your strategic purposes.


Web-based Training Methods

Need a training program with open or limited access via the World Wide Web? DDA Corporate and Medical Training has well over a decade of experience in designing and developing websites, intranets, portals, interactive eLearning solutions, and CME tools that can be custom programmed to offer administrative control and different levels of access. Web-based training methods, just like all of our employee and job training techniques and methods, may also be programmed to track the results of a given training program, so employers are aware of what staff members are using the tools and how often to determine their usefulness and success.