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Custom Job Training Programs from Dynamic Digital Advertising Corporate and Medical Training

Business, corporate, and medical training programs all run into the same problem: How do you create training techniques and methods that will capture the trainee’s attention and help them retain the important information? At Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training, we solve that problem with a wide-array of technology-based training methods and solutions including online virtual medical simulations that include 2D and 3D animation and modeling, and real video footage, or any combination of our advanced technologies. One of the solutions we offer is 2D or 3D animation for training videos, CDs, DVDs, or websites. Animation for training increases interest and motivation due to its superiority over static graphics.

eLearning with Animation for Business, Corporate, or Medical Training

With animation, training is only limited to the scenarios, programs, or information you can think to present. In fact, 2D and 3D animation has the unique ability to create scenarios that may be impossible to capture through video or written information. Adding a layer of interactivity will allow the user to have extensive control over how the material is presented and give him or her the ability to review information if need be. Interactive elements in animation for training videos may also include chapters that allow current employees to easily review only the pieces of information most relevant to them.


Dynamic Digital Advertising Corporate and Medical Training utilizes a plethora of animation skills and techniques to create training animations. 2D animations use simple animated characters or graphics to teach the proper training material and 3D animations immerse the trainee in a realistic environment. Alternatively, photographic animation can use photographs of the products, services, or facilities to provide true examples to help employees apply the training information to the workplace. Or, you may choose a hybrid animation that combines animated elements with live actors, photography, or points of information to truly engage trainees.


Animations are a versatile medium that can be delivered in a variety of formats, including CD, DVD, websites, and training portals. Whether you need on- or off-the-job training methods for your business, corporate, or medical facility, the animation services from DDA Corporate and Medical Training are the right eLearning solution.