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Effective Job Training Solutions from Dynamic Digital Advertising Corporate and Medical Training

When you need proper business, corporate, or medical training programs, you need something that will effectively teach trainees the proper information they need to know about your products, services, or policies. Even more important, the trainees need to retain the information so that they can successfully apply the knowledge to the workforce. This is where Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training excels. We create custom on- and off-the-job eLearning training programs to efficiently train new and current employees alike to provide the most current and up-to-date information possible.

Hybrid Animation Job Training Methods

One of the many ways DDA Corporate and Medical Training creates effective job training solutions is through hybrid animation techniques. This form of custom animation training will combine 2D or 3D animation techniques, including advanced virtual simulations, with live actors, product photography, points of information, or nearly anything else you imagine. With the gamut of technologies available at its disposal, DDA Corporate and Medical Training makes it simple to create compelling and engaging hybrid animations for job training methods and programs.


With hybrid animation training packages, you can place a live actor anywhere in the world and let him or her interact with any object or product. Not only that, you can show scenarios or problems that may otherwise be impossible to achieve through video or other means. Corporate training programs may want to include what to do when there are equipment failures or accidents and medical companies may want to demonstrate any potential problems with medical devices to show trainees how to handle the situation. Unless you can invest in the expensive costs of staging these events, hybrid animation is the perfect solution for you.


Customized Job Training Programs for Specialty Businesses

In today’s growing and changing environments, you need an employee training program that will cover your specific needs. At Dynamic Digital Advertising Corporate and Medical Training, we don’t work with cookie-cutter eLearning training programs that try to pass as a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, each job training program is catered to your company’s exact needs and specifications. With hybrid animation for on- and off-the-job training from DDA Corporate and Medical Training, you’ll receive a program to effectively and efficiently train your employees.