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Concept Development for Corporate and Medical Training Tools

For Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training, creating new and different ways to improve training methods is not a challenge, but a passion. The challenge is in justifying what we do in terms of quantifiable outcomes and contribution to your company’s bottom line. We strive to fully understand your objectives and target audience. Then, with the knowledge and experience necessary in training people of diverse learning backgrounds, we develop concepts that assist you in meeting your goals, while applying our innovative and advanced eLearning techniques, tools, methods, solutions, and capabilities for a training module that is as impressive as it is effective. Find out how training can improve an organization by reading on.

First: Understand your Corporate and Medical Training Objectives

We recognize that just as every organization or facility is different, every individual has a unique learning style. This said, in the concept development of corporate, business, and medical training materials, we take into consideration not only what will best promote your topic and represent your company, but how to inform and educate the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learner. With a clear understanding of all the components involved, we are able to develop training concepts accordingly for the best sales, management, human resources, or code of conduct training module possible.


Second: Develop Concepts for Effective Dissemination of Information

At DDA Corporate and Medical Training, we know that learning is faster when enjoyed. Consequently, once we gain a firm understanding of your company, products, and/or services, we develop ways to improve employee training for effective orientation and training methods. For sales and marketing training tools, we may propose sophisticated technology-based training methods that are eye-catching and interactive. For customer service and management training tools, we may propose more fundamental training methods on easy-to-use formats so new employees understand their job and the way your company is approaching, developing, and processing a task. Different methods of training employees are applied depending on the objectives involved.


Third: Apply our Training Techniques, Methods, and Capabilities

With so many different types of eLearning technology-based training methods available for corporate, business, and medical training materials, DDA has the capability to create and develop innovative techniques not seen elsewhere. From Continuing Medical Education (CME) tools with integrated programming for Training Validation, Certification, and Accreditation to human resources code of conduct training modules with integrated videoanimation and virtual simulation for an engaging experience, we extend our full-service offering to clients from all industries. With an in-house staff of professionals in all areas of creative development, we have the ability to conceptualize anything imaginable and implement anything possible for on-the-job and off-the job corporate and medical training.