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Content Development for Corporate and Medical Training Tools

Educate... Inform... Train... the objectives may vary, but the one thing that remains a constant is the need for engaging copy and overall content within all corporate, business, and medical training tools for comprehension and memory retention. The degreed copywriters at Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training are skilled at writing for all learning styles (auditory, visual, and kinesthetic), all media formats (video, websites, Intranets, etc.), and all levels of complexity (from standard business customer service requirements to complex Continuing Medical Education (CME) modules). Even with the detail-oriented graphics, illustrations, and animations and advanced virtual simulations that we are capable of creating, we know that without easy-to-understand copy, the training material will not be successful. We develop what is known as a multimedia-rich, eLearning content training module for technology-based training applications in a diverse range of industries.

Writing a Training Program for Comprehension

In fast-paced business and medical environments, new employees must learn quickly what is expected of them and what tasks are involved with the different aspects of a job. This said, organizations rely on different training techniques and methods of training employees for effective results. Regardless of the training method or tool implemented, the goal is proper dissemination of information for immediate comprehension. When developing content for a corporate, business, or medical training module, our professional writers strive to not only thoroughly understand the company or facility and its products or services, but the specifics involved with the training objective at hand. We take this approach in order to present content in such a way that the viewer thoroughly understands the company’s direction and promotional effort, as well as every step or aspect in a procedure, set of instructions, or general orientation.


Writing a Training Program for Memory Retention

If your employees are not able to recall what they’ve learned after utilizing your corporate, business, or medical tools and materials, then the initiative is a loss. For this reason, we write training copy for the web, videos, and more that promotes memory retention long after their training seminars have come to an end. Our professional business and medical copywriters implement training techniques for different training methods that help viewers store, retain, and subsequently retrieve information. For example, in retail customer service training videos, we may write sales training schemes in such a way that the viewer will be able to process new information by combining it with existing knowledge in order to create a permanent record in one’s mind. We may integrate cues throughout the training program that force the viewer to recall what was just learned so he or she actively engages with the information for better memory retention.


Whether we are writing an outline for new employee training methods or writing comprehensive training guides for a variety of eLearning technology-based training methods, DDA Corporate and Medical Training copywriters convey the right messages for immediate comprehension and long-term memory retention.