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Design all Training Tool Components for a Cohesive Look

The ability to conceptualize, design, and implement a large variety of different types of eLearning technology-based training materials in-house at a budget-conscience price is what sets Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training apart from other training program vendors. We feature a turnkey development and implementation process that is proven effective for the design and delivery of our on-the-job and off-the-job integrated learning systems so you have a comprehensive training program ready to launch at play. All of the components of a particular corporate, business, or medical training tool are designed to form one cohesive unit for a seamless procedural or instructional presentation.


After a particular training delivery method is established in concept development and initial planning, we design the style sheets accordingly for easy and efficient implementation. So whether you want a training module presented online in a website or through wireless connection on an iPod or Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), the transition from design and development to delivery is hassle-free. Listed below are the various design components our training program designers produce for all different types of innovative eLearning technology-based corporate and medical training tools.

  Login/Entry & Interior Page(s) Labels & Packaging Graphic User Interface (GUI) Layout of Skins Quiz/Test Forms Awards/
Supplemental Presentation Items (PowerPoint slides, animation, illustration, etc.)
Webcasts X           X
Continuing Medical Education
(CME) Tools
X   X   X X X
Blogs X     X      
Forums X     X      
CD- and DVD- ROM   X X   X X X
Administrative Backend X           X
Intranets, Portals, & Websites X   X   X X X

X = The elements DDA Corporate and Medical Training can design for a specific training method.


In addition to utilizing design techniques for different types of effective training methods geared to target particular audience attributes, we design everything from special custom CD/DVD labels and packaging for sales and business management training tools to certificates and other components for the architecture of corporate Intranet web training portals. We implement a professional training material design and development process for all types of delivery methods, thus improving the efficiency with which organizations and their managers inform, train, or educate their employees. Let us design all of the components you need for your training program to complete a cohesive look that captures and maintains audience interest for better memory retention and performance.