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Programming for Online Payment Processing of a Training Module

If a payment is required for membership or attendance to corporate or medical training programs, a payment processing system may be integrated to accurately capture any and all fees. Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training can implement just about any payment processing system available and customize it to your specifications. At any time and from anywhere, you will be able to accept credit cards and electronic checks for a host of different types of technology-based training methods. Today’s innovative training tools are more and more advanced, and thus, more costly. To reap a return on investment not only in enhanced productivity, but profit gain, DDA Corporate and Medical Training can provide programming services that are custom made to your online payment processing needs.

The benefits of custom programming for online payment processing include:
  • Increased on-time collections
  • Simplified payment collection processes
  • Improved payment documentation
  • Customized system with the logo and colors of your company
  • Uncomplicated integration with training method or tool

As an eLearning training company with full virtual, web, and network programming capabilities, DDA Corporate and Medical Training can also implement administrative back-end module functionality to allow managers to keep track of who’s paid, when, and for how much. Instead of using random off-the-shelf payment processing systems and testing them through trial and error, we can make effective recommendations on what systems would be most suitable to your individual training module, integrate the system with our custom-made software, and test the entire system before anyone ever has a chance to use it. With DDA Corporate and Medical Training, you know that you’ll receive the best advanced eLearning system and that it will function at launch and throughout the course of the training session. We really are the technology-based model that any other training and programming company strives to be.