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Custom Programming for Online Quizzes to Improve Memory Retention during Job Training Sessions

With any job training method, it is important to evaluate the trainees to ensure the information presented was successfully retained and can be applied. At Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training, we have a complete programming department to create custom business, corporate, or medical training quizzes and solutions to test worker knowledge of the training materials. Programming for online quizzes, CD or DVD quizzes, or an intranet-based quizzes are all possible with DDA Corporate and Medical Training.


Effective methods for training employees include custom designed surveys and quizzes that can be stored and referenced online so employees all over the world can access the materials to complete the technology-based training methods. These online quizzes can be backed with a complete database to track users logging into the testing program and how each user scores on the final testing. With this testing information available right at your fingertips, you can easily follow-up with trainees who have failed to properly retain the material to encourage additional employee training techniques and tools.


Programming for quiz modules also allow the trainee to receive instant feedback upon completion of the training quiz. For instance, multiple-choice quizzes can provide an immediate response to let the user know his/her final score, or even an instant response to a wrong answer. With custom programming, DDA Corporate and Medical Training can refine the testing process to the exact needs and specifications as outlined by a corporate or medical company.

Additional Advanced Programming Services to Facilitate Successful Job Training and eLearning Solutions

To further enhance these custom programmed quizzes, DDA Corporate and Medical Training also offers programming for award certification and programming for reporting to give trainees proof of their success and allow administrators to monitor who has successfully completed the job training. With all the unique customizations we can provide through our programming modules, you can effectively train all in employees in the business, corporate, or medical world in a fast and efficient manner. There is no better training program than that offered by Dynamic Digital Advertising Corporate and Medical Training.