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Video Production for Corporate and Medical Training Tools

Don’t ask your employees or trainees to conceptualize a complex procedure, process, or task. Illustrate it for them while engaging their attention and promoting memory retention by letting Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training create a video for application on different types of technology-based training methods. Self- or group-based, on- or off-the-job eLearning can be significantly improved through video training materials. This form of delivery offers an effective way to demonstrate what may otherwise only be conveyed through textual information. Our video production company sets the standard in new and innovative sales and management training tools.

Benefits of creating a training video include:
  • Savings to the organization’s bottom line: A single virtual spokesperson can replace a team of trainers, eliminating the cost of extra personnel. Additionally, the video can be used again and again for new employees and as a refresher for existing staff.
  • Customizing to the exact training need: A one-size-fits-all model for training videos does not work in today’s competitive and innovative business and medical environments. While some companies may find value in purchasing standard sexual harassment and customer service videos, they may be surprised at the impact a tailor-made video could have in other areas of the business.
  • Applying to the appropriate delivery method: A training video can be integrated into a diverse range of different types of innovative technology-based tools, such as Intranetsportals, CDs, DVDs, websites, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), IPods, and more for on-the-job and off-the-job training purposes.

DDA Corporate and Medical Training is only one division at Dynamic Digital Advertising. Others include DDA Medical and DDA Video, which serves as a video production company to clients in all industries: corporate, medical, educational, and general business. As training video producers, we work to provide complete instructional training video production services from scriptwritingcasting, and filming, to editingmastering, and replicating. Subsequently, if you want a professional restaurant employee training video filmed on-location or a medication administration training video for your healthcare office edited to include a virtual medical simulation of the body’s physical reaction, we have the ability to do it all in-house and under one roof.


Save money and get results with different methods of eLearning for the effective training of corporate or medical organizations. Employ the video production services of DDA Corporate and Medical Training.