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Hybrid Video for Corporate, Medical, and Educational Training Materials

Go out of the box for in-the-office gain with hybrid videos for innovative corporate, medical, business, and educational training materials. Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training is a division of DDA, and as such has access to not only training video producers as a video production company, but animators, photographers, illustrators, and more as a full-service advertising agency. Working under one roof, this extensive team of professionals provides a wide range of services, giving you the flexibility to take your training tools to new heights for the most effective training of employees, colleagues, sales reps, management, etc. Off-the-job or on-the-job, self-paced or group-based eLearning through integrated hybrid video helps to train your staff faster for a better return on investment.

Available Hybrid Options for Different Types of Technology-based Training Methods:
  • 2D and 3D Animation — Whether embedded in the video to demonstrate a topic or used in a virtual medical simulation as a background environment, 2D animation and 3D animation can be a great addition to any training video. The possibilities with animation are virtually endless. We can animate graphics, equipment, and processes, as well as characters (when appropriate) to elaborate on what is being conveyed in the narration so your trainees come away from the experience with a firm understanding of new products or procedures.
  • PowerPoint — Want to use the information you have in a PowerPoint presentation in your organization’s next training tool? We can include full PowerPoint presentations or individual slides in your training video and sync them with that of the narration or spokesperson so viewers have a virtual instructor guiding them through the information being displayed. Not only is this a great way to present data, but it will save you the hassle of having to rework existing information for a different application.
  • Graphics and Illustration — With illustrators and graphic artists on staff, we can film your spokesperson on green screen, design a photo-realistic or cartoon-like background, and combine the elements in the video editing process to place the spokesperson in a setting that is appropriate to the specific training method. Additionally, we can produce hand drawn or digital medical and procedural illustrations for items that are complex or cannot be otherwise shown in such detail.
  • Photography — Have or need photos of equipment, products, materials, or your facility to supplement instructional material? At DDA Corporate and Medical Training, we have the photography and video services to incorporate your pictures in the video, phase through them sequentially, as well as the ability to actually photograph what you need in our photography studio or on-location at your office.
  • Programmable Features — Ask your trainees questions through a virtual instructor in a video for interactive self-paced learning. We can program questions, links, and buttons to show while the narration plays or the spokesperson presents, allowing viewers to actively participate in learning about your new product, service, or topic for overall comprehension and lasting memory retention.

Whether you need a restaurant sexual harassment video, a corporate customer service video, or an instructional healthcare office medication administration video, DDA Corporate and Medical Training has the full range of production services you need for professional employee or organizational training that works. Find out more about the interactive eLearning possibilities that are available to you by contacting us today.