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The Benefits of On-the-Job Team Training

Corporate on-the-job group training has many benefits. First and foremost, employment training on-the-job is delivered to employees while they perform their regular jobs, saving the cost of losing employee time to off-the-job training methods. Further advantages of on-the-job training include a unique training period specifically catered to an employee’s job, particularly if the job requires special equipment that is used on-site. Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training understands group training for effective employee performance and how to properly administer the daunting task of team training.

Employment Training Goals

Any effective group training will follow four core rules:

  • Prepare the trainees with a complete overview of the job and the results that should be obtained.
  • Effectively demonstrate the task or skill to the trainee.
  • Allow the trainee to use the learned training methods under supervision.
  • Review with the trainee and provide feedback and additional comments.

How these four steps are implemented into successful team training ideas is where Dynamic Digital Advertising Corporate and Medical Training succeeds. Training for effective employee performance can be done with computer-based trainingvirtual reality training, multimedia eLearning tools, and web-based training methods. As a full-service in-house advertising agency, DDA Corporate and Medical Training has all the right tools to facilitate successful group training for a company through a variety of media.


Custom Group Training Packages that Work

At Dynamic Digital Advertising Corporate and Medical Training, you will receive a custom training tool based on the needs of your specific company. The simple fact is, a one-size-fits-all mindset of group training programs does not work for all companies. Not only do these template on-the-job training packages fail to cater to specific needs, but they also do not engage the trainee for maximum memory retention.


Create a custom team training program with DDA Corporate and Medical Training that will help employees understand and apply the information presented to them. Immerse them into a complete training program with virtual reality, allow them to share ideas through a web-based classroom, and allow them to work together to create a more efficient work place.