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Get Their Full Attention with Off-the-Job Training

If you’ve decided off-the-job training methods and eLearning solutions suit your professional development needs better than on-the-job training would, use Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training materials - they’ll keep your employees plugged in when they’re offsite. With our self-paced computer training on DVD and self-paced learning through video training and virtual simulation (among the many available types of technology-based training methods we offer), employees can devote their full attention to the engaging self-paced training in front of them.

What Are the Advantages of Off-the-Job Training Methods?

DDA Corporate and Medical Training tools are interactive, self-paced solutions for business training in the digital age. Small companies recognize the value of educating employees to stimulate productivity and internal mobility, but may not have the budget for traditional methods of off-the-job training and development like college courses and off-the-job training presentations. With the increasing popularity of multimedia eLearning solutions, high quality management, sales, and business training tools are no longer the large investment they once were. Effective off-the-job training methods, like web-based training programs and interactive DVDs, have the dual benefit of allowing the employee to learn outside of the busy workplace, and unlike in a class, an employee can skip over familiar topics and devote more study to harder or unfamiliar topics.


Our Different Methods of Training Organizations and Employees

With self instructive training that can include virtual reality, 2D and 3D animation, virtual simulation, podcasts, creating websites and intranets with programming for quizzes, certification, usage tracking, eLearning management systems, and more, it’s no wonder DDA’s middle name is digital. The advantages of on-the-job and off-the-job training from DDA Corporate and Medical Training are very similar; our self-training techniques and methods emphasize usability for both management and employee. Training methods like cumulative quizzing employ action learning in off-the-job training, so even the pedagogy behind the learning tools are designed for maximum employee knowledge retention.


Become an Example of Off-the-Job Training in Your Industry

Effective methods for training employees produce results, and other corporations notice. Individualized, interactive types of training methods yield the results you need to become a model of cost-effective human resources within your field. Innovative training tools have far-reaching implications. Make the investment in your personnel, and give them the off-the-job training they need to rise to the top.