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Virtual Reality Employee Training for Onsite Self-Paced Training

Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training is giving on-the-job training (and corporate training in general) a much needed makeover, allowing the advantages of on-the-job training to shine through. With our virtual reality training videos, virtual training courses, interactive eLearning solutions, virtual simulations and other types of technology-based training methods, you’ve got the innovative tools you need for on-the-job training for first-time managers, experienced staff looking to sharpen their skills, and any other candidates for on-job training you can think of.

Virtual Training Solutions for Self-Instructional Training

The advantage of virtual training for sales, medical, and business training tools is the element of interactivity without the cost of hiring an instructor. DDA Corporate and Medical Training designs self-paced computer training materials that allow the user to learn at his or her own speed. The once foreign concept of virtual training and eLearning, in the technology age, is not only familiar–it is outpacing traditional employee training techniques and methods. Virtual reality, used for education and training, has all the benefits of a "real" class, with the added bonus that a trainee can go over the lesson as many times as needed.


Many Different and Effective Methods for Training Employees

Virtual reality business training on the job gives your company the maximum in structured on-the-job training at a fraction of the cost of professional development classes, which one must purchase over and over. With virtual assistant training courses from DDA Corporate and Medical Training, materials are bought once, and used again and again. When you invest in our self-paced learning through video training and virtual reality training, company spending is modest, but employee results are anything but.


Help Design Your Company’s Virtual Assistant Training Program

An important aspect of our employee training methods is your input; your training materials should reflect your values. Some examples of on-the-job training techniques and eLearning services from DDA Corporate and Medical Training are self-paced computer training on virtual simulation platforms and mobile apps, and on interactive web-based apps that allow quizzing and certification for trainees and tracking for management. Virtual office assistant training can be used for management training tools, general employee education, and as an easy way to teach involved concepts to recent hires. Experienced personnel can devote their time to their primary duties when on-the-job training takes the form of self-paced computer training on virtual simulation platforms, interactive websites and other technologies for self training. Contact us for the employee training methods of the future.