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Everyone’s on the Same Page with Team Training

If your healthcare facility or practice’s progression is a story that’s written every day, it’s essential that each member of your team is on the same page. What better way to keep on top of the rapid advances in the medical field than with group off-the-job eLearning training and development? Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training is a health industry group-training company with experience providing digital alternatives to traditional employee training workshops. Our effective off-the-job eLearning training tools and methods will help you plot the success story your organization deserves.

Weigh the Advantages of Off-the-Job and On-the-Job Training

Whether you conduct your group training onsite or offsite, DDA Corporate and Medical Training materials like live virtual training or web-based instruction (among other types of technology-based training methods) eliminate the cost of hiring an instructor and ensure uniform excellence each lesson. The greater participation afforded by the interactive technology in our business, sales and medical training tools results in greater knowledge retention, which is the ultimate return on investment for employee training and development.


Our Team Training Ideas Emphasize Leadership From Within

One of the advantages of training in a group is the ability to simultaneously hone leadership and cooperation skills within your staff. From simulating challenging sales opportunities for sales team training to putting recent hires in tricky situations they’re likely to encounter (in the supervised, risk-free environment of new employee training), our innovative training tools accomplish more than the traditional off-the-job training presentation because they require participation—and they’re fun, an adjective rarely paired with "group training" or "management training tools." When your employee training methods derive from video games as much as from business theory, you get used to "fun" in front of "job training techniques."