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Choose DDA’s Corporate and Medical Training Division for Self-Paced Medical and Business Training Tools

The success of any business is hugely dependent upon the effectiveness of the employees behind it. If a medical facility strives to achieve the trust of its clientele and attain continued growth, the effective training of new and existing employees is paramount. That is why Dynamic Digital Advertising’s Corporate and Medical Training division has redefined training modules, eliminating outdated types of training methods with a technology-based and interactive eLearning platform that incorporates an array of digital elements. The end result is a training experience that confronts the user in an auditory and visual platform that is ideal for the retention of complicated medical procedures, company polices, medical codes of conduct training, and more. Transform your medical facility’s outdated training materials and employee training techniques and step into a brighter future with innovative types of technology-based training methods, specially curtailed to your individual facility.


Through these self-paced, independent, on-the-job and off-the-job medical training techniques and methods, new and current employees can absorb information through various technology-based platforms like on-the-job Virtual TrainingWeb-based E-learning Training, off-the-job Computer- or TV-based Training, and more. Whether you are looking for innovative online training tools for pharmacy technicians, medical transcription specialists, or you are searching for different methods of training organizations and employees such as a medical assistant or your billing department, DDA’s Corporate and Medical Training division will work with you to achieve an enormously beneficial tool.

Self-Paced Learning through Video Training, Computer Training, Virtual Training, and More

On-the-job and off-the-job self-paced medical and business training tools will provide employees with their own personal virtual tutor. Via innovative training tools that are presented through captivating videos, customized quizzes, and informative content, a medical device sales rep, assistant, or equipment operator will learn the essentials of your facility or business in a training format that they will not only retain, but will also enjoy.


Self-Paced Learning through Video Training, Computer Training, Virtual Training, Virtual Medical Simulation and More
  • Content Development: DDA’s degreed medical copywriters generate accurate and concise copy that will clearly illuminate your medical facilities procedures and policies.
  • Customized Programming: Monitor your employees’ progress with program tracking, award certifications, quizzes, and more.
  • Medical Training Videos: Custom medical videos are the perfect means of illustrating complicated medical procedures and equipment operations.
  • Continuing Medical Education: Train, certify, and accredit existing employees to guarantee worker competence and knowledge.
  • Training Platforms: Whether you prefer an e-learning intranet, custom video, or desire access to training tools via BlackBerry® or iPod®, DDA can deliver your customized training tool in a variety of platforms.
Designed to Fit your Medical Facility’s Exact Needs

DDA’s Corporate and Medical Training Division recognizes that every organization and learner is different, that is why we will work closely with your medical facility to ensure the end result is one tailored to your exact goals and needs. Through compelling design and video, intelligent content, and customized programming, learning complex medical processes, procedures, and codes of conduct has never been easier. We are the one company that can exponentially increase your training capability with a technology-based, multimedia eLearning platform proven to deliver beneficial results.