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Computer- and TV- Based Training Solutions from DDA Corporate and Medical Training

Learning does not have to stop when off-the-job. With Dynamic Digital Advertising’s (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training division, computer- and TV-based employee training and interactive eLearning techniques enable fast and efficient learning off-the-job, at home, and abroad. It is customary for DDA Corporate and Medical Training to continually produce innovative training tools that employ an array of technology-based training methods that simplify the most complex of medical subjects. Whether your facility opts to teach with self-paced computer training on DVD or learning through video training or virtual simulation, the results are always the same: clear presentations with maximum knowledge retention.


With DDA Corporate and Medical Training your employees don’t have to go far to get far. We bring the Building Blocks of Advanced Learning Tools (BB of ALT) to homes, hotel rooms, and abroad with computer- and TV-based training formatted on CD and DVD. We understand that traditional corporate and medical training materials may work on-the-job, but not off. That is why DDA’s Medical Training division specializes in different types of technology-based training methods ideal for an off-the-job eLearning and training presentation.

Different and Effective Methods for Training Employees and Organizations at DDA CMT
  • Medical Video Training: Self-paced learning through video has proven an enormously effective means of instructing medical organizations. As DDA Corporate and Medical Training houses its very own video production studio, Hollywood caliber services such as custom 2D and 3d animation are readily available.
  • Formatted for Off-the-Job Use: DDA CMT formats computer- and TV-based medical training tools on CD and DVD to enable easy off-the-job access.
  • Custom Fit: Searching for medical management training tools, sales training tools, or business training tools? Then DDA Corporate and Medical Training is the logical choice. With years of experience in developing different types of training methods and job training techniques, we offer sophisticated learning systems proven to increase employee comprehension and lower training expenditures.

Discover the difference that quality medical training can have on your hospital or medical facility with DDA Corporate and Medical Training. We specialize in an assortment of different technology-based methods of training employees and organizations. With a full-service video studio and extreme capabilities in technology-based programs, effective off-the-job medical training tools can revolutionize your facilities out-dated training practices.