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Advantages of Self-Paced Computer-and TV-based On-the-Job Training

Smooth operating procedures and appropriate client relations in medical facilities are dependent upon the knowledge of employees. That is why effective medical training materials and techniques are vital for the health of any organization. Dynamic Digital Advertising’s (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training division specializes in technology-based interactive training methods that simplify even the most complex subject matters in the medical industry. On-the-job computer- and TV-based training materials are one means to do so and as DDA Corporate and Medical Training houses our very own video production studio, there are no limits to what we can achieve.


The advantages of on-the-job, self-paced learning through video training are immeasurable. Illustrate complex equipment operations, medical procedures, and more with 2D or 3D animation and virtual simulations. And with access to our Actor’s Network, professional talent is readily available for voiceovers, scenario reenactments, and more. By utilizing different types of technology-based training methods and eLearning tools like medical video, virtual medical simulation and web-based training to explain the complex, employee and trainee knowledge will increase without the need for dedicated personnel.

Innovative Employee Training Tools and Methods from DDA Corporate and Medical Training

Embed videos into self-paced web-based training programs; broadcast on-the-job webcasts of important seminars and more. The computer and technology-based training solutions available to you when DDA Corporate and Medical Training is the force behind the project are endless. DDA Corporate and Medical Training understand that for every medical facility different methods of training employees and organizations must be considered. Therefore, self-paced instructional training programs and multimedia eLearning are tailored to your facility’s exact needs.


Your search for medical, business, and sales training tools has ended. We have the staff capable of generating self-paced computer training courses on web-based and mobile apps, custom medical videos, virtual medical simulations and more. In an industry as demanding and exact as the medical realm, employee comprehension must be guaranteed, and through structured on-the-job training techniques established by DDA Corporate and Medical Training, work proficiency and knowledge is assured.