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Innovative Off-the-Job Web-Based Training Tools from DDA Corporate and Medical Training

Lay the solid foundations of employee competence with off-the-job, web-based training from Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training. Through web-based training and testing, new and existing employees have access to an invaluable knowledge portal comprised of technology-based training methods proven to effectively inform. With self-paced learning through video training, quizzes, graphic illustrations, simulations and explanatory content, even the most complex of medical training materials can be made clear.


In order for an off-the-job training presentation to be beneficial, employee training methods and techniques that are proven to increase comprehension as well as engage must be put in action. With DDA Corporate and Medical Training, medical organizations can create and develop web-based training programs that enable employees to learn as well off-the-job as they would on. Put to work the premier off-the- job training and development company and experience the benefits of online computer-based eLearning training:

Advantages of Off-the-Job Computer-Based Training Programs and Courses
  • Provide an off-the-job learning resource with Internet-based training websites, featuring self-paced training, simulations, videos, graphics, content, quizzes, and more.
  • Disseminate sensitive company training materials over secure Intranets.
  • Develop sophisticated training portals that serve as an off-the-job resource to the building blocks of advanced learning.
  • Train, validate, and certify existing employees with Continuing Medical Education (CME) web-based training classrooms and courses.
Inform Faster and More Affordably with Off-the-Job Internet-based Training and Development

For innovative medical training tools and custom eLearning services, turn to DDA Corporate and Medical Training and breathe new life into outdated and ineffective training techniques and training methods. DDA Corporate and Medical Training has explored different methods of training employees, organization and types of technology-based training methods to arrive at management, sales, and medical job training tools that are guaranteed to increase employee knowledge. Contact DDA Corporate and Medical Training todayand lay the foundation to better learning tomorrow.