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Utilizing a Corporate and Medical Training Program Database

Whether your company employs 10 people or 10,000, tracking your training results and staying up to date with the status of your employee training program is of the utmost importance. With Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training on your side, managing employee training has never been easier. Along with our different technology-based business, corporate or medical training programs, techniques, and methods, you'll have access to an innovative training program database and eLearning management system, which allow anyone with an administrator login to track employee training results, training program usage, and employee information with an easy-to-use interface.

Monitoring Your Training System

With DDA's Corporate and Medical Training system, you will be able to complete numerous tasks with your administrator login. In addition to finding a master list of all employees enrolled in the program, you can change employee access levels, edit email addresses, reset lost passwords, and update personal information. With such an extensive training program database at your fingertips, you'll be able to manage your own training program and handle nearly all aspects of your eLearning tools.


Tracking Member Information

Perhaps the most important feature of your employee training and skills tracking database is the ability to access member reports and results along with usage reports for each employee. Along with having easy access to employee information, the database gives you access to individual employee usage reports, so you can see if certain employees are falling behind in one section of the program or if requirements are not being met.


Other Features

Training evaluation tools and usage information are not the only features of the employee training and skills tracking database. The eLearning management system can also include a bulk email feature, which can be used in numerous ways. Reminders can be sent to all employees about upcoming program requirements, new types of corporate or medical training methods and materials, or select groups of employees can be notified of an upcoming course or quiz -- all in an interface that is much simpler than typing names out of your employee directory. Additionally, the training database allows administrators to update quizzes, change prerequisites, and modify other training evaluation tools.


All in all, the training program database serves as the backbone of the DDA Corporate and Medical Training Program, giving you access to any and all information needed to make these employee and job training techniques successful and beneficial to your business.