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Tracking Usage of Your Corporate and Medical Training Program

For a corporate and medical training program to be worth the investment of money and time, it must be used to its fullest potential. And the only way to evaluate the effectiveness of your employee training program is to take advantage of the innovative training evaluation tools and eLearning management systems offered by Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training. We know our customized employee training techniques, methods, and materials will work for you, but our training evaluation tools will allow you to prove it yourself.

Beating the Average

Average test scores are all well and good, but as anyone learned in first grade (either the right way or the hard way), strong attendance and participation breed higher scores. With our eLearning management system and its innovative tracking tools, administrators can use a personalized login to keep track of their employees, quickly learning which individuals have been using the system, and how often.


Once you are able to track training program usage, those figures can be quickly compared with employee training results, via our employee training and skills tracking system. By matching those two sets of results, administrators can determine if the types of training methods and training materials being offered are resulting in greater success and efficiency, or if alterations need to be made to requirements, prerequisites, or any of the different types of technology-based training methods.


Taking Control

In addition to all of the training evaluation methods offered by DDA Corporate and Medical Training, our programmers will give you a personalized administrator login for your eLearning training tools, which allows for all sorts of modifications to user accounts. Not only can administrators monitor the system and training tools, they can change passwords, add or remove users, change email addresses, or even alter the security level at their discretion.


While a partnership with DDA Corporate and Medical Training will provide your company with a customized system and effective program for training employees, it won't be successful if those employees are not using it to its fullest potential. With our innovative tools to track training program usage, that's never a problem, meaning your new innovative training tools from DDA will prove their worth from the moment they are implemented.