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Keeping Track of Employee Training

Tired of the same old types of training methods and techniques? Want to get more results with fewer time — consuming training courses and costly training materials? Then you'll want an easy way to manage your employees' business training, corporate training, or medical training program, and keep track of their results. With employee training programs designed by Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training, you'll not only have simple, efficient, and innovative eLearning training tools for your employees, but managing those training tools and tracking training results will be easier than ever with an eLearning management system from DDA CMT.

  • Tracking Usage — Our ability to create a specific training and development system is augmented by our in — depth and efficient employee training and skills tracking system. Using a personalized administrator login, supervisors can keep tabs on their employees' usage of the system, allowing them to remind employees about staff training courses or tests, while keeping all employees on the same page. Administrators can see which employees have taken a certain course or session, and also look at each employee to see how often — and for how long — they are using the system. Not only will you save yourself time and money, but you can eliminate the chance for oversight that can cost man — hours, and dollars, down the road.
  • Tracking Results — Now that your employees are up — to — date with their training programs and courses, you can use our customized training tracking system to see who is passing with flying colors, and who may need a little more help. Our programmers can suit a tracking system to the needs of every company, allowing you to keep an eye on your employees' results without taking too much time away from other important issues. Check test scores instantaneously, get e — mail reports sent to you automatically, and follow along like never before.
  • Tracking Database — And once you have tracked your employees' usage and measured their training results, you can access all the information in an easy — to — use tracking database.

No matter whether it's sales training, corporate training, educational training or medical training, employers everywhere know that eLearning training produces results. But it also costs time and money, making more results with less training the goal of any employer. Since DDA Corporate and Medical Training's different training techniques and training methods are a complete package from start to finish, our employee training and skills tracking systems are not an add — on, but an integral piece of the employee training puzzle.